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Air America was the CIA's private airline operating in Laos during the Vietnam War, running anything and everything from soldiers to foodstuffs for local villagers. After losing his pilot's license, Billy Covington is recruited into it, and ends up in the middle of a bunch of lunatic pilots, gun-running by his friend Gene Ryack, and opium smuggling by his own superiors.
A young pilot finds himself recruited unwittingly into a covert and corrupt C.I.A. airlift organization operating in Vietnam War-era Laos.
Unfunny, unorganized action-comedy about a wacko pilot who doesn't really do much but be a wacko. Gibson gives his all for the role, but it's all for nothing if the story doesn't make any sense, which is indeed the case here. A mess of film that at times doesn't know where it wants to go, but fans of Gibson will at least be satisfied.
This film has all the bells and whistles, but in the end, it is a very obvious and blatant attempt to make light of content that is extremely serious ie: war, civilian deaths, covert ops, drug and gun running. In Air America, we see good acting, a cohesive plot and lots of action involving airplanes, but compared to the movie Con Air, we never really are able to relate to any of the characters in Air America (if you do relate with the pilots, I certainly don&#39;t want to know you).<br/><br/>Frankly, this movie makes me sick in the way that the movie MASH and Good Morning Vietnam did: Hollywood&#39;s attempts to get some laughs out of the horror that is war. In Air America, moreover, we not only see war, but the seedy underbelly of the U.S. political war machine that is the C.I.A. and U.S.A.I.D. <br/><br/>Also mentioned in the film is the corporation Dow Chemical, which produced Agent Orange, which was widely sprayed by cargo aircraft in Vietnam and Laos. This sickened and killed thousands, and maybe hundreds of thousands of people. <br/><br/>The music in Air America is the big tip-off that the movie is almost like a psy-op: We are led to associate the activity therein with the pop tunes from the 1970&#39;s. I really despise the fact that the producers of this movie grotesquely tried to combine the blood-thirsty, amoral pilots and others in this film with the rock and roll songs that were a symbol of resistance to the war at that time. Creedence Clearwater Revival&#39;s Run Through The Jungle being the most anti-war and ill-placed of all. <br/><br/>Anyone who swallows what this movie is shoveling, thinking it is just &quot;entertainment&quot; needs to re-consider their priorities and possibly develop some spirituality. This movie could have been a potent warning, helping to prevent the C.I.A drug-running that is happening today in Afghanistan, but alas, the U.S. citizenry is not capable of such integrity to demand this.
The concept of Air America is refreshing, but its enactment goes nowhere fast. [10 Aug 1990]

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