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In a small Tennessee town, an historian relates four horror stories to a reporter.
The uncle of an executed murderess relates four stories of his hometown, Oldfield, to a reporter: an elderly man pursues a romance with a younger woman, even to the grave and beyond…a wounded man on the run from creditors is rescued by a backwoods hermit with the secret to eternal life…a glass-eating carny pays the ultimate price for looking for love on the outside…and Civil War soldiers are held captive by a household of orphans with strange intentions for them.
Last night we watched 'From a Whisper to a Scream' (aka 'The Offspring'). It was one of those horror anthology movies I often enjoy. This film was from 1987. Here they used Vincent Price as the framing character that ties the different stories together. I figured with him in the film it might be decent. Plus it had a 5.8 out of 10 rating at the IMDb. Turns out the stories were pretty sick. Especially the first one about the killer necrophiliac who gets a surprise visit from the grave 9 months after an encounter. The other sickest in the series was about some psychopathic and vengeful little orphan kids during the civil war. About the only redeeming aspects to the stories was some really evil people get their comeuppance. There was just one story about a guy in a carnival that was the exception to that. In that segment two young lovers are forbidden to run off together by an evil female carnival owner. She has strange voodoo like powers to give her performers weird abilities and keep them like prisoners working for her. Anyway, the stories were a bit too sick and gory for my taste so I don't recommend it. Why I didn't just turn it off after the first segment is a good question. I guess I hoped it would improve and I like seeing Mr. Price. He gave it his best as usual right to the end.
One of Vincent Price&#39;s lesser known movies casts him as an old man telling a reporter (Susan Tyrrell) about a town&#39;s horrific history, shown in vignettes. There&#39;s a man (Clu Gulager) who gets obsessed with a woman at work, a loser who takes his greed too far, a carnival that no employee can ever leave, and a Civil War parable.<br/><br/>&quot;The Offspring&quot; (originally called &quot;From a Whisper to a Scream&quot;) is nothing particularly special. In fact, Price considered it a terrible movie, and mainly starred in it because he was impressed with the confidence of the first-time director. Watching it, you gotta admire the effort that went into the movie. For the most part, it&#39;s just fun to watch, and there ARE a few gross scenes (I mean REALLY gross). Also starring Lawrence Tierney and Rosalind Cash.<br/><br/>I also thought that it was neat that we hear the mention of Lucy and Desi on the radio, since we just passed the 100th anniversary of Lucille Ball&#39;s birth (in fact, earlier this year was the 100th anniversary of Vincent Price&#39;s birth).

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